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No More Ramen

Curried Cauliflower

This is a super simple recipe that will keep your belly full without relying on starches!

You’ll need:

  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 1 jar of curry paste (good for several uses!!!!)
  • cooking oil of your choice (vegetable is best!)

Cut the head of cauliflower into uniform bite sized pieces while you heat oil in a big frying pan. Add the cauliflower to to the pan and let it heat up a bit. Then add a dollop of curry paste (however much you want). Stir/shake the pan frequently. I usually cook mine for about 30-40 mins and they are soft but still have some crunch to them. 

Makes about 3 meals for 1 person. 


BONUS TIP: you can also use broccoli or a mixture of broccoli and cauliflower! 

note from the mod

i’m going to be frank. i have royally screwed up today, and i feel horrible about it. it just sucks because either i make myself vulnerable enough to air my mistakes for over 43,000 readers and get input on what people need (as well as tons and tons of criticisms), or i don’t publish these asks and omit an opportunity to both learn as well as accommodate people. 

accommodating all of you is incredibly important to me, but, if i can, i’d ask you to remember that i prioritize issues of trigger warnings and mental illness and safety because i battle all these things in my own daily life. some of the things we talk about trigger me, too, but i address your feelings because it’s extremely important for me to maintain a safe space.

i run out of spoons, too, and i deal with anxiety and depression. i am trying so hard for all of you. i can take requests and people telling me what i am doing is not correct for addressing their needs, but it is really taxing to hear from people that i don’t care. it makes me feel like my efforts aren’t good enough no matter how much i try to learn and grow and help.

i have been compiling original content and contacting writers to address needs of yours that were not being met enough (diabetic recipes, budget shopping tips, etc). i sort through dozens and sometimes hundreds of asks/submissions daily, working to make sure everything is tagged properly and questions get answered. that’s a lot of work, and it doesn’t leave a lot of room for dealing with being put down emotionally.

i guess what i’m trying to say is… please be respectful and constructive in your criticism. i try to do that in every single one of our interactions. i will mess up sometimes. that’s inevitable. all i can do is take responsibility and work to be better.

i am so grateful for all our followers, but i’m just one person and i get overwhelmed and my feelings hurt and deal with personal issues, too.  thank you.

to the anon, tagging slurs is important yes but those who run this blog are doing an amazing job of being understanding kind and helpful to all people, they do so much good work and seem to be such good people with the intent to make healthy eating accessible to all and they are amazing and do not deserve to be attacked.

Asked by Anonymous

thank you, anon, but i definitely deserve to be called out, especially if i am not tagging in such a way that people can feel safe. i actually learned something valuable about tagging today through this discussion, which is why i felt it so important to publish the dialogue! accountability is important for person growth but also to show people you care about what they’re saying. i appreciate your support, though, and i’ll continue trying to make this blog as great as it can be!

margaret-moonlight replied to your post: “kittymanada replied to your post: deltaform replied to your post:…”:
by the way for followers that dont know i know at least tumblr savior you can check an option so it doesnt show the post at all! no little thing that says whats blocked or anything. the post is just gone.

this is great info! thank you!

kittymanada replied to your post: deltaform replied to your post: “rowan…

On my blacklist, each blacklisted post shows up as a little blurb that says “post containing ‘[blacklisted phrase] blocked.” So, in that way, I still see the blacklisted word, just not the whole post

thank you! i will start tagging for slurs in general. i appreciate so many followers taking the time to reply and educate me when they didn’t have to. 

But there are some people who have slurs tw tagged, because they react to a variety of them? Like someone whose triggered by racist and misogynistic terms follows me and has me tag slurs in general because it's easier than trying to pick all of them and slow down her blacklist. The fact you're arguing this is actually kind of upsetting

i am just trying to get the most accurate tagging system i can. that’s why i answered that reply publicly, for input. i hope you can understand that, with over 40,000 followers, i get a LOT of trolls and people trying to criticize trigger warnings in general and they often do it in subversive clever ways. i always try to clarify and create a public dialogue to ensure accountability on my part, as well as the asker. with your input, as well as lots of others who replied to that post, i will not start tagging for slurs in general due to a greater understanding. i sincerely apologize for my insensitivity as well as any pain or discomfort i’ve caused you.

Hello! Jessica from what was Awkward Vegans here. To clarify, those cupcakes were made during a 90's party we had, everyone was adorned in different costumes. I dressed up as Kathleen Hanna as a last minute costume, and I was replicating a certain image of her. I also do like to reclaim that word in relation to my own struggles with owning my sexuality. Regardless, hopefully that helps put context to the photos (it says it was a 90s party, but not everyone knows what my costume was referencing).

Also, we were not a couple. We were just roommates in a house full of friends who liked to cook yummy treats together :)

Thank you for clarifying, Jessica! I didn’t want you to feel like you had to justify yourself in those photos, but I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. Regardless, I support you. I stick with you and your awesome posts all the way! <3

deltaform replied to your post: “rowanlane replied to your post: “assumedhostile-followmyalt replied to…”:
please tag for slurs in general! tagging for the specific slur forces you to read the specific slur which is just as triggering!

how blacklisting works is that someone can — just one time — enter that slur and then permanently blacklist/tumblr savior it from showing up on their dash. they would not have to see it or read it after the first time, so i don’t know that i fully understand why a specific tag would lead to someone having to continuously read that word?

To be completely honest, I was so absorbed by the recipe that I didn't even notice anything written on her stomach. Also, would just like to point out it really doesn't matter what she denotes herself as, since this is a recipe blog, and the cupcakes look delicious..

Asked by countryflirt

i found it barely noticeable myself? i was too busy staring at the cupcakes… lol but either way her stomach is her business!